Witch’s grotto



Aisha is a middle aged halfling witch. She used to have a coven of 5 other witches, but only she remains. The coven is now infested by insectoids and she has locked herself in the supply room. There are not many options left, but making a suicide run isn’t high on her list. She has limited supplies and is hoping for a miracle.


By nature she is an extrovert and a fatalist, but possesses a strong charisma. She is not a loner, though all witches tend to limit their associations with the mundane world. In her youth she was a house slave of a human family in the metropolis of Gory, and she hated every moment of it. Witches always focus their powers on one aspect of magic or another; hers being transmutation and transference.


The grotto is a lush underground cave heated by a hot spring. It’s limestone walls sheltered the coven for centuries, but now the insectoids have burrowed their way in, and it’s usefulness to Aisha has passed.


This expansion includes:

  • Hero: Aisha, the Uncanny Shapeshifter. Including custom hero deck, shields, and stat sheet.
  • A new type of enemy: The Tharnix.
  • Full sized double-sided map board.
  • Standalone campaign of 5 scenarios.
  • 4 extra treasure cards by guest designers.
  • Special wound card designed by Tristan Hall.
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