The Traitor Guard expansion

The Traitor Guard expansion brings a new playable hero and seven new scenarios to Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift.

These scenarios can be played as one offs or as part of the Abyssal Rift campaign.

The new Hero, Brother Örn, is a fallen guard who has been accused of being a traitor by his compatriots. Trustworthy? No way! But having a common enemy makes for a good motive for cooperation, especially if one is in dire trouble.

This expansion also augment the variety by adding some cardboard markers, additional treasures, extra wounds and victim cards.
It also contains reprinted fixes of height misprinted Hero cards from the original print run.

PM:TG does not come with a box of its own, as it’s intended to fit into the original PM:AR box.

Now is your chance to don the cultists’ cloak!

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