Abyssal Rift – Rulebook

Download the latest rulebook

  • in English Light (11 MB) or High Resolution (138 MB) – Last updated: June 27th 2017 – Version 1.6.12v2
  • in German (36 MB) – Last updated: May 2nd 2017 – Version 1.6.10v3
  • in French (36 MB) – Last updated: May 2nd 2017 – Version 1.6.9CS5
  • in Italian (35 MB) – Last updated: June 8th 2017 – Version 1.6.12
  • in Spanish (39 MB) – Last updated: May 2th 2017 – Version 1.6.12

Disclaimer: The rulebook is by no means finished in layout nor in the editing part, but the rules themselves have been rather meticulously tested and honed. Should you find something worth of asking, make sure to do so. We really aim to polish the rules to a fine standard.

Additional resources to download

Learn to play

In addition to the rulebook you will find bellow an excellent series of explanatory videos.

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