D-Day is getting closer

Dwarf by Lee Broderick is set in the same Zanziar world as Perdition’s Mouth and is slated to Kickstart on 9th July 6PM UTC!
Dwarf is available in a variety of online versions to test and enjoy (PnP@BGG, Tabletopia, Tabletop Simulator) with advanced prototype artwork. Played on a dynamic board and featuring emergent cooperative elements, Dwarf is a competitive worker-placement and resource management game for one to three players, or one to five by integrating two copies. 

Thanks to the diligent playtesters we have now improved the rules and artwork and changed to symbols instead of text on most of the  cards, thus decreasing the language dependence considerably.

We’re also thrilled to announce that the official rules guide video will be made by Greg “Stikfa-mation” Cornell and will be in a similar style as for the Darwinning rulebook

See you in Kickstarter in less than three weeks!

The print proofs of cards are on the way by DHL and are supposed to arrive by mid next week. All English materials have been submitted. We’re still trying to solve a few problems due to  the Spanish and German languages being longer in text than English and therefore making it tricky fitting to a few of the scenarios in PMCH.

The promised ambience track (by Ahti Nykänen) is also ready and will be sent within June! We will provide two versions of this twelve minute track, one for the climax of the scenario and one for general mood. As always, we’d love to get feedback on the track.

We are still well on schedule: You will receive your copy in October 2019 as promised, which also means that you’ll also see a full version of Perdition’s Mouth: Cannibal’s Howl in Essen Spiel. You’ll find us at Essen Spiel at booth 2-B101 by our favourite sleeve provider Ultimate Guard.

– Timo & DDP team