Summer is at hand in the Northern hemisphere, which means that cooler winter days prevail in Australia to provide prime board gaming time. Due to various complications, including some very weird discrepancies on stock counts, we need to radically change our Aussie store. So you will now find some of the lowest prices ever seen on all products in our Aussie store. Note that Witch’s grotto is also available in Deluxe and Gamer’s Bundles and is very unlikely to be available in the foreseeable future.

1st Edition Perdition’s Mouth wipeout:

  • First edition Perdition’s Mouth: retail, only 69 AUD!
  • Deluxe Perdition’s Mouth (with the much coveted Witch’s Grotto) + free Mogba’gh bundle (1st edition) 129 AUD
  • Perdition’s Mouth: Gamer’s Bundle, 149 AUD
  • Victim #1, 4 copies, 8 AUD each
  • Victim #2, 11 copies, 10 AUD each
  • Portcullis & levers: 1st edition, 13 AUD
  • Hero trait deck, 10 copies, 6 AUD

Other sale items:

  • Black Hat Kickstarter (yes, KS!, the very last KS copies anywhere), only 5 copies, 45 AUD each
  • Black Hat standard,  25 AUD each
  • Perdition’s Mouth: Hideout (boxed expansion) 39 AUD
  • Phantom League: Ultimate collection 69 AUD, (including free Pilot Academy)
  • Perdition’s Mouth: Revised Edition, 149 AUD

Normal shipping costs and prices are valid provided everything is sold or we are able to find a new warehouse in Australia or New Zealand. So, if you have suggestions for a distribution or retail partner on that area, we’d love to learn.

What about the people in the Northern hemisphere?

 We’ve not forgotten you! You’ll find quite a few sales there and more will be added after inventory counts are completed in the EU and US stores.