Cannibal’s Howl is about to enter production and is on schedule. You can still get your copy using the pre-order feature of PMCH Backerkit and it’s available in three languages (English, German and Spanish), thanks to succesful campaigns using Spieleschmiede and Verkami. It took a bit longer than expected to integrate findings from these localized campaigns, but all of that is now done and we will close the backerkit on 15th May 2019. 

Closing the backerkit does not close the pre-order store of backerkit and for those very few who have unreplied survey, contact us, please.

Cannibal’s Howl offers a very different set of scenarios, intended for lower player and hero counts, it brings the much coveted Cannibal Shaman, Mogba’gh, that was sold out some years ago back inyo availability. The latest addition to PM:CH is the shark miniatures, which are something of a mix between an enemy and an ally. Below you’ll see some painted sharks (painting by Stephen Shepherd)

    The Cannibal’s Howl campaign also brought back the earlier sold out Doors & Chests, Portcullis & levers and Victim miniature sets. Now better than ever – using composite resin to provide more detail and durability. These miniature sets are available from our EU webstore and the PM:CH backerkit.
 We’ve also completed game testing on PM:CH scenarios and most scenarios have also been already translated. We’re confident that you will find the new scenarios intriguing.

    Our next game, Dwarf, will be set in the Zanziar, the same world as Perdition’s Mouth(although several hundred years before the events in PM). It’s a highly tactical, quick-playing worker placement game played on a dynamic board. Although it has emergent co-operative elements, at its heart it is a competitive game and the Multamäki family, as well as several players at Airecon, have commented that it can be ‘a nasty little game’ if that’s how you want to play it!

   We will have the game at UKGE for demoing, but in the meantime, we have made the game available on TTS, soon Tabletopia and as an art-free version to BGG for those that like to pnp. It’s for 1-3 players, or up to five by combining two copies.
   Following demo’ing at Airecon we’ve made some changes to the graphic design and also added more art. We felt it was important that the graphic design changes, in particular, were made for the preview copies and these are now being sent out to previewers. The kickstarter campaign will launch in early summer (but not on 7th May, as previously suggested, as the previewers need time with the game).

Consider joining the mailchimp mailing list for Dwarf.

    The story of Perdition’s Mouth will continue in Soul Spire. That will provide advanced rules with widely varying scenarios, three playable factions, all having different story path. The current aim is to have this in Kickstarter in late 2019 or early 2020, but that depends on playtesting. We would be very interested of experienced Perdition’s Mouth players who would like to play test Soul Spire. If you are interested, send us an email.

   You might also want to join in the mailing list of Perdition’s Mouth to get the latest news. We are also sharing the art, miniature sculpts, painted miniature images and such in our Instagram.

Soul Spire miner dwarf sculpted by Chris Gabrish and painted by Stephen Shepherd
Soul Spire miner dwarf sculpted by Chris Gabrish and painted by Stephen Shepherd