Dear backers,

We don’t normally do “double updates”. Everything that’s here concerns backers of Cannibal’s Howl and the Revised Edition of Perdition’s Mouth, however, so you will see this update in your feed for both projects if you backed both.

Revised Edition News

The Revised Edition Kickstarter’s fulfilment is really close to being done and over with. There are two full pledges that remain to be fulfilled to Canada and two to the UK. All of these are waiting for Upgrade Kits (English) to reach Europe. Due to the logistics hassle we ended up having way too many English Upgrades in USA and, therefore, too few in Germany. We expect these still taking weeks, as ships sail slowly over the big pond.

The German edition of PM:RE is close nearly  sold out, which is really positive. It helped that the Cannibal’s Howl Spieleschmiede went well and is, infact, already partially fulfilled as all the materials except Cannibal’s Howl itself have been delivered to Happy Shops.

Revised Edition has gotten a lot of positive reviews, most recently from Game Nite Magazine – But we always think we could have more. If your favourite reviewer hasn’t covered PM:RE yet, you can always ask them to approach us.

The wooden inserts are now sent even in Australia. If you have received one, you really should read David’s update BEFORE doing anything else with it, to avoid mistakes. 

The Cannibal will howl in Spanish, too!

The Spanish version of Cannibal’s Howl is coming! It’ll be run on the Verkami platform and you can find it here. Launch of the Verkami campaign is set for Wednesday the 6th of March 2019. It’s run by our marvellous Spanish team;

  • Veronica 
  • Jose Antonio
  • Ruyman 
  • Gerardo

Whom you can contact collectively via and converse in Spanish. We’ve also made a Spanish version of DDP Facebook, we’d love to meet you there.

Cannibal schedule

We’ve completed all the art and most of the scenarios are ready and are now, basically, waiting to see how the Verkami campaign ends up. We’ll then send the files to production when the result of that campaign is known. As we said previously, we will not produce any parts of Cannibal’s Howl in China. This is more expensive but saves 5-6 weeks of transit time and an immeasurable amount of headaches. If there are real troubles, with a factory in Europe we can just take a plane and fly there to find out what is the problem. 

If you missed the Cannibal’s Howl project, you can still join in using the pre-order store.

Preview of the Cannibal’s Howl maps, below, by Jamie Noble.

Some people have asked us when we are going to close the backerkit for PM:CH. We have done that for some, already, as we shipped the base games to those backers who diligently completed their surveys. For everyone else, it’ll be some time during March (this month). The precise date will be announced soon.

Join the team?

We’ve posted invitations before  and, practically every time, someone has been interested, so here goes…

  • We need someone with experience in social networks and marketing. It seems that our current team is too old, nerdy, inward looking or just plain weird that we have too little experience to effectively work this out. Instragram, in particular, is vastly under used and we have plenty of pretty pictures to show. 
  • We’d also appreciate if anyone in USA has legal skills. We have, sadly, a case where “a distributor” stole a large shipment of our products and has failed to pay them for almost two years. Even if we wouldn’t ever get money or our products back, we should warn the community and that takes some local knowledge.

Even if you can’t help with these specific tasks but you would still like to contribute, please do contact us.

Dwarf – the next game

Played on a dynamic board and featuring emergent cooperative elements, Dwarf is a competitive worker-placement and resource management game for one to three players, or one to five by integrating two copies. It’s be demoed at AireCon 8th to 10th March!

Thematically Dwarf takes place in the same world of Zanziar, where Perdition’s Mouth resides. 

Email lists

Remember to join to our mailing lists of your choice. If you have already opted to join in Backerkit, no need to do it again, we will automatically add you the lists you requested. We send mail very rarely, typically about twice a year per list.