Dear backers,

The Revised Edition campaign is nearing its end. As I’m writing this, fewer than 20 pledges have outstanding issues. You may still be interested in what we have to say though, so please read on..

The state of fulfilment

The Wooden inserts have arrived EU and US warehouses and the remaining units are being shipped this week. Australian backers will have to wait a little longer as we need to consider how best to ship their pledges. Due to a mistake in logistics, there are no inserts in Australia and that creates a small dilemma. We have now packed the inserts in Germany and those are being shipped from Germany to Australia within the next 14 days.

All Australian shipments are shipped, but without the aforementioned wooden inserts.

The PMCH pre-order store is open and PM:CH backerkit for backers, too. If you missed the Cannibal’s Howl campaign when it was on Kickstarter, you can join in now via the pre-order store. Perdition’s Mouth: Cannibal’s Howl will bring two new maps (A3 size) and will be a boxed upgrade – we learned from Traitor Guard that even if saving you money by not producing an expensive box for an expansion is good, it’s much harder for warehouses and logistics and thus doesn’t save anything in the end. 

  •  German version? Yes, it’s coming. In fact, the existing material and the miniature sets have already been provided to Happy Shops. If you backed the Kickstarter and want to change to the German version, contact us during February.
  •  Spanish version? Yes, it’s coming, too! We’ll run a campaign to get Cannibal’s Howl in Spanish on Verkami. Expect it to launch this month (February 2019)!  If you backed the Kickstarter and want to change to the Spanish version, contact us during March.

We have finally got hold of the missing cards for correcting the infamous 9 cards fiasco (only affecting backers who have the upgrade kit and scenario pack). We have added the 9 cards as a free and weightless addition to PM:CH orders for backers who backed both campaigns. Those backers who did not back the other campaign will find a letter in their mailbox within the next 3 weeks. If you have NOT backed PM:CH and are still missing the 9-cards at the end of March, please contact me directly.

We’re expanding our reach

Many people have suggested we should try to increase our global reach. We’ve tried our very best and we’re happy to report a few important additions.

  • We have found a partner from South Africa! Fanaticus games will have our games very soon – they’re already on their way! We’re really pleased about this as SA fans have suffered with really expensive shipping.
  • We have also (finally) got our whole product portfolio to Coolstuffinc. That should help our fans in the US.
  • Malaysian fans will be happy to hear that Vivae Enterprise now carry our products there.

Painted miniatures

We’re STILL updating the painting guide to have all of the latest miniatures. We’ve also worked with some new  professional painters. We’re garnishing the painting guide now with selected pictures of our miniatures from these painters. Below you’ll see Torc’s painted versions of our miniatures.

Insane DDP Tour 2018 backerkit

This is also open and has a separate pre-order store in case you missed it. It contains all of our products that are not related to Perdition’s Mouth.

Where do you find us in the near future?

We’ll be actively participating varyious upcoming conventions.

  • 16-02-2019 Demonstration at Librería Draco in Granada
  • 22-02-2019 Demonstration at Dune Comics in Granada
  • 23 to 24-02-2019 Hispania Wargames event in Malaga
  • 08 to 10-03-2019 AireCon, in UK
  • 08 to 10-03-2019 Brussels Game Expo
  • 14 to 17-03-2019 LeiriaCon in Portugal

We’d love to find fans willing to present our games in USA and Australia. If you’re interested, do let us know!

As you can see, it’ll be a busy spring 2019 for us. But we like busy. 

  • Timo & DDP team