Dear backers,

It’s taken more than we expected, but just some minutes ago the smoke test (5% of backers) was sent. If you’re in the lucky 5% (that is random, not controlled by us) PLEASE take your time and do let us know if you find anything out of order.

We will gather feedback from the smoke test users for 48 hours and pending major problems, we will then launch the backerkit fully to all users. We will also open the pre-order system of backerkit at the same time.

We have re-used most of the shipping systems of PM:RE as those, for the most parts, did work quite well. So shipping is WEIGHT based. We’d also like to kindly remind to be sure that you’ll check which warehouse is the item coming from. Not all items are in every warehouse, which means that you need to be careful on selecting meaningful choices.

Other good news!

We also got an update from our new Spanish miniature manufacturer that first half of the miniatures is ready! This would be all of the add-on miniatures, such as the doors & chests sets.

We will get to show you updated pictures soon. Exciting!

We’re also going to take part of a couple of conventions this year. You’ll find us in spring 2019 from at least:

  • Kemijärvi game weekend (last weekend in North Finland ;=)
  • AireCon in UK (March 8-10)
  • Brussels Game Festival in March (March 8-10)
  • UKGE in Birmingham ( 31st May – 2nd June)

After the fairly insane DDP Tour of 2018, this year we will need to take it easier this year.

Dwarf – the next board game of DDP

Due to personal circumstances of our artist, we do not have exact schedule of Dwarf, yet. We aim to have it in Kickstarter March/April 2019. We’ll keep you posted.