Hyvää uutta vuotta!

Thank you for all your support in 2018. We’re hoping to go on to even bigger and better things in 2019 with your help.

For those of you who helped promote our Spieleschmiede campaign, in Germany, a particular thank you. The campaign funded successfully making for a combined total of 21,700USD. That combined total is important – you may remember that we said any stretch goals reached there would also affect those unlocked in the English version. We fell just short of unlocking the short story by Greg Stoltz. Since we like you, and we liked Greg’s short story that accompanied the Traitor’s Guard campaign, were going to go ahead and commission him anyway. We’re going to make this available in backerkit for 2USD.

Speaking of Backerkit. We’re sorry about the delay in getting this set up but if you’ve enjoyed a good holiday season then we hope you can understand why some of our team members may have also needed a bit of time with their families. We’re aiming to have this open in two weeks and we will then keep it open for eight weeks. The main games and other existing products will then ship immediately.

Of course, we haven’t only been sitting around, having fun with our families and relaxing with hot, spiced alcoholic beverages. We’ve also been working hard playtesting the new maps and scenarios, the last few weeks. We always welcome new playtesters to our team and if you’d like to help us then please do email us at info@ddpgames.com. All we ask is that you’re familiar with the game and you approach playtesting in a thorough manner, communicating with us actively.

While we’re talking about the new maps, it’s perhaps worth mentioning again how these will work. They are going to be produced on a thinner, foldable, cardstock in A3 size, so that they can be folded to A5 and sent with the rest of the Cannibal’s Howl components easily. This smaller size is one of the reasons that the scenarios are particularly suited to lower player counts (1-3 heroes) but they can, of course, also be played with more heroes if you choose to. The scenarios are linked together into a mini-campaign which introduces Mogba’gh and, so, takes place before the main campaign. Successfully completing it will give you some small benefits that you can take forward into future campaigns.

Another way in which we’d like a bit of not-too-onerous help is in spreading the word in Italy and Spain. We now have a lot of reviews of Perdition’s Mouth online but very few in these countries. If you know of any reviewers from these countries that you think would like the game then please do suggest them to us. This is particularly important because we plan to run a Spanish crowdfunding campaign for Cannibal’s Howl in the next few weeks.

So, what else will 2019 bring?

Well, our next Kickstarter campaign will be for Dwarf, in March. The game is set in Zanziar, the same world as Perdition’s Mouth. Played on a dynamic board and featuring emergent cooperative elements, Dwarf is a competitive worker-placement and resource-management game for 1-3 players (or 1-5 by combining two copies). Players take the role of dwarves, aiming to forge items and achieve renown by defending their home from marauding enemies.

The artwork for Dwarf is being done by Lars Munck, who also did some of the art for Darwinning!. We think he’s doing a fantastic job of capturing the unique world and feel of the game but you can judge for yourself, from some of the samples shown here.

Lee & the DDP team.