Dear backers,

A lot has happened lately. Here is a recap.


Almost everything has been shipped. There are a few shipments with wooden inserts AND some shipments to the UK that are remaining. We have also shipped pretty much every parcel that is going to Asia, Africa, South-America and the Middle-East, all from Germany.


Australian shipments for backers who do not have wooden inserts should have left. We do not have yet the tracking IDs but we’ve been told that Aetherworks, who ships those, are supposed to send the tracking IDs directly.


US fulfillment is ⅔ done, all remaining shipments in USA are on hold due to missing things (9-cards for Scenario packs, painted miniatures, wooden inserts or empty boxes, which we are all waiting for).

Due to a mistake of ours, the US 1st Wave didn’t include any Perdition’s Mouth: Traitor Guard expansions. We apologies for this and will ship those separately using untracked Deutche Post shipments from Germany (as we did for the original Perdition’s Mouth: Traitor Guard fulfillment). This shipment should still leave Germany within 2018, but will take approx 10-12d to reach the USA. If you have not received your PMTG by 15th-20th January, please check at your local post office. We know that sometimes these parcels do not get delivered to customers due to the size.

Wooden Insert situation

Basically Wooden has been really super responsive and we’ll give them a big thank you for that. It also means that remaining inserts will be produced in JAN 2019 and we’ll be able to ship those soon after that.

We have now shipped the first set of inserts to the EU. We will listen to the feedback and see if the instructions need updating.

9 small cards of Scenario Packs

We’ve been told by the manufacturer that they’ll finish the 9 small cards by the end of next week. This means that by the 1st week of January we should have all missing components and can complete the fulfillment in the USA and EU. We will also ship the 9 cards to those who already have their game. We have a full list of to whom we need to ship.

Christmas season 

Warehouses are working hard to get everything that is ready to be shipped out before Christmas, but from our end there is very little left to send. As far as we know, there are under 10 parcels (to) Australia and under 10 parcels to go from Germany to a few far away places, like Japan. But other than that everything that can be shipped HAS shipped. We wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

And for those who are waiting for the pledge manager for Cannibals Howl, we will open that early next year because the German Spieleschmiede is still running.

– Timo & team