Dearest backers,

We have made it. We’re over $20k and were closing to $22, but at last minute someone cancelled the pledge like a minute before campaign closing, leaving us a bit short of $22k.

We still believe that the story by Greg Stolze is that good that we will make it available at low cost add-on in the pledge manager.

Our whole team would like to thank you. We will likely open the pledge manager still before Christmas, if we can. Pledge manager stays open about 6-8 weeks after which it is the time for pre-orders only to remain open.

Do keep in mind that some items in pledge manager are restricted in quantity so it might be advisable to do that soon, rather than push it by weeks or months.

We should all be proud of the achievement. This is yet a new campaign successfully done and it seems that we have ever growing amount of followers. Keeping in mind that this KS was for reproducing material that had once existed in some form, we can be really happy of the results.

Now we’ll do a few days of EU warehouse maintenance and the start pushing the backerkit for this project.

– Timo & team

P.S. Do keep in mind that we STILL look for a few game testers who know PMAR/PMRE at least on moderate level.