Hi everyone, this is Andrea speaking. Our author of lovely written updates, Lee, is out of the country (and of internet) at the moment, so I get the honor of writing my first update. But you want to hear about shipping – so here it goes:

All pledges with wooden inserts, in the last update we’ve told you about our issues with the wooden inserts. We’re in the process of resolving them and will post an update with pictures soon. Rewards that include a wooden insert will be on hold until we’ve resolved the issues and delivered the corrected pieces to our warehouses.


All Canadian rewards will be shipped from Germany. They are shipping out now. It will take 4-7 days for all to ship out. Every backer with problems in their order have been contacted.


US shipment 1st wave (about 250 backers) will be shipped this week. That includes anyone who do NOT have both the upgrade kit and scenario pack. We try to get those fixed at the warehouse (eg. to get the missing 9 cards).

South America

South America rewards are in fulfillment too, from Europe. All rewards are either shipped or entered in the fulfilment system (and hence will go out next Monday or Tuesday).


Australian rewards are scheduled to ship on Mon-Wed next week by Aetherworks.

Far East

All rewards are either shipped or in shipping queue. We have contacted two customers who have entered their address only in korean/japanese markers. Their rewards cannot be shipped before we get their addresses in latin letter.

Andrea and the DDP team