Dear backers,

We’re working relentlessly with Perdition’s Mouth: Revised edition fulfilment so that everyone would gain their games for Christmas. There will be a separate update for that, so I’ll keep that part very brief.

At the same time our game testing team is verifying the new Cannibal’s Howl scenarios. We’ve also confirmed that the fabled Jamie Noble will do the Cannibal’s Howl map(s), too. We will see those on first week of February 2019!


I believe it’s important for everyone to keep in mind that we have a German campaign running too. It will have identical content to this (English) campaign, so every item unlocked here will make the same SG to be unlocked in Spieleschmiede. But it gets better than that, every euro over 2800€ base goal will mean $1 more of total funding in KS as long as the Kickstarter runs. Additions to the German campaign AFTER the Kickstarter ends will not change the content of either version of Cannibal’s Howl, but may unlock other (old, but not yet existing in German) content.

The last hours

We’ve gotten a lot of backers in last few days and many have asked if they can upgrade their pledges in the pledge manager. Sure, we will add all the material we have in the pledge manager and then it’s simply a matter of being faster than someone else who wants the same materials that have limited quantities. Keep in mind though that only the funds we receive during the active KS campaign will count towards unlocking more stretch goals.

We will also have a live stream in the last 90 minutes. Join us and lets make the last hours a rush!

– Timo & the whole DDP team