Of all the issues we reported in our last update, one seems to have caused more consternation than any other – the mis-packing of the Scenario Pack response (mini) cards into the core box. This is an issue that only affects a small number of people – those people that ordered the Scenario Pack and not the Revised Edition base game. Those people it has affected are, however, justifiably upset. We understand that, we’d feel the same way.

We’re doing our best to find a solution for you and we’re providing this in a variety of different short and medium term ways:

  • We have made the files available as a pdf for download, here.
  • We will also format this as single A4 and Letter size sheets soon.
  • There is an exchange that some people are already participating in here.
  • We are working on securing spare parts.
  • We’ve spoken to our US distribution partner and can place any orders on hold until spare parts are available, if we receive a request to do so before Monday evening.
  • We can also accept cancellations of the Scenario Pack from affected non-fulfilled backers before Monday, for a full refund.

One or two people have suggested that we should issue the manufacturer some kind of ultimatum. We’re not sure what that could be beyond a hollow threat. As mentioned earlier, this is just one of several issues and it’s compounded by those other issues. We’re missing 150 games from our order in the US alone. We’re missing all of the spare parts we ordered. If we had those spare parts, we’d be able to cover this problem without any difficulty.

Ultimately, our manufacturer has little incentive to help us without us dangling the carrot of another order in front of them. Something we’re not exactly keen on, right now. They know that we live thousands of miles away and have little recourse to them in China. We are, however, doing what we can to get the missing products and we’re hopeful of at least getting the spare parts. When we do, we’ll ship the missing cards to everyone that needs them.

If you have a copy of the revised edition, you have the missing cards. If you also have the Scenario Pack then you can get over the issue easily. If you don’t also have the scenario pack then the problem just doesn’t exist for you. If you feel like helping someone else though, then please consider either posting in the exchange thread on BGG, or else contacting us to return the cards. We’ll happily reimburse your postage costs and move them onto to someone who needs them.

Finally, we always try to learn from our experiences at DDP and, if you’re following the Cannibal’s Howl campaign, you may find it reassuring to know that we’re almost certainly going to be using a European manufacturer for that project.