Hello again. We don’t speak for ages and then twice in as many days, right?

Well, as more people have received their games now, we want to go into a bit more detail about some of the issues.

First, we need to address something that we mentioned in an update back in April but which many people have (understandably) forgotten about. We should have mentioned this yesterday but it slipped my mind, too. The small (response) cards that are meant to be in the scenario pack actually got put in the base game box by the packers at the factory. This means that if you ordered the scenario pack and the base game, you have the cards – just not where you’d expect to find them. If you ordered the scenario pack without the base game, you do not have the cards. This is a problem which we’re currently unable to rectify, for now, we can offer these cards as a download, for home printing, here.

We’re unable to rectify this because we do not have the spare parts we ordered. In fact, as the various warehouses do their respective stock takes, it’s becoming clear that we do not even have the full number of the various products we ordered. With one significant exception, this shouldn’t affect you – we have enough copies to fulfill pre-orders – but does leave a hole in our pocket and will make the game more scarce at retail unless we can get the manufacturer to produce the products we ordered.

It may affect you if you ordered the Italian upgrade kit. Currently, we cannot locate any stock of this or of its associated spare parts beyond the three copies we had shipped to Essen. We’re chasing the manufacturer for an answer and will let you know when we do.

Around 13-14% of Hideout (ENG) and Scenario pack (ENG) expansions have one scenario sheet transposed. The sheets concerned are HO3 and SP3. We have already agreed with the manufacturer that they will provide extra sheets to cover for this and we will send them on as soon as they are ready. In the meantime, we will make the two scenarios available as pdfs to any backers who want them, within the next two weeks.

The wooden insert problems should be resolved with an extra correction sheet that is currently being put together. This will take time to produce and arrive at our warehouses but we feel certain you’d rather wait for a product that actually works than receive one now that doesn’t. So any orders including wooden inserts will be dispatched when we have the corrected inserts.

The painted miniatures are expected to arrive at our EU warehouse next week. Any orders including painted miniatures (and not including the wooden insert) will ship as soon as we receive those.

Spanish, Serbian, Israeli, South-African and Japanese orders will be shipped early next week. Sorry for the delay.

If you have received your order and find any missing or broken content when you unpack it then please contact us by email at info@ddpgames.com. We’ll try to resolve any problems quickly and to your satisfaction. We’re also working on a guide to let you know exactly what the upgrade pack replaces from the first edition – we should have already done this and it’s an oversight on our part, so thanks for your patience.

I think that covers everything.

To those of you that have received your games and have posted to tell us that you have and that they’re OK, thankyou. We really appreciate that gesture.

Lee and the DDP team.