Today, we received a sample of the redesigned Mogba’gh miniature, which we thought we’d share with you. We’re really pleased with the extra level of detail that we’ve managed to achieve over the previous model. What do you think? This will come in three parts that need gluing (the base, figure and shield).

Since our last update, you’ve also unlocked another stretch goal! We’re really excited to see this one reached as it’s something slightly different from what we’ve done before. This is a new map which is unlike the map boards in the base game and boxed expansions. Instead, it will be produced on thinner A3 cardstock and folded to A5, the same size as the scenario and character sheets, so it won’t unduly affect either shipping costs or fitting content into your box!

This new map also provides something different, gameplay wise, from those that we’ve previously produced for Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift. For the first time, we’re venturing outside. This foreshadows some of the things you’ll see in Perdition’s Mouth: Soul Spire, which will be almost exclusively made up of outdoors scenarios, rather than a dank dungeon. This particular map is set in the forests of Mogba’gh’s home, providing a different backdrop to the audio track than you might have first expected.

We’re around US$1,000 shy of the next stretch goal right now, which is for another add-on – portcullis and lever miniatures. Like before, we can talk more about that when we get there – and we do think you’ll get there. It’s the weekend folks, spread the Perdition’s Mouth word to your friends and family.

We’ll be doing our bit to get word about the campaign out there – we’re at the Spielwiesn convention, in Munich, this weekend. If you’re going too then please do stop by our stand (3-A31) and say hello.

Lee and the DDP team.