All our fulfillment centers are working hard on getting this out the door to you. It took longer than expected to clear customs, in Germany, but EU fulfilment has now started. In fact, it’s over halfway through and we have heard that some people have their games already.

In the US, the games have arrived at the warehouse and Quartermaster ran their final checks yesterday. So we’re expecting US fulfilment to begin today.

AU is a little behind the others but we heard from Aetherworks, this morning, that the pallets have arrived. They’re going to get sorting through what they’ve got and where it’s got to go but we think AU shipping will begin next week, at the latest.

We’re still trying to get our heads around the impacts of tradewars and trade agreements but, due to rapidly changing logistics and availability, we’ve had to change the fulfilment source for a few orders.. This concerns mostly backers from South-America and the Far East and will see orders ship from Germany, rather than Australia.

Packing Problems, Further Delays and a Surprise

If you follow Tinsku’s ‘blog, or if you supported their rather difficult Quickstarter campaign, you’ll know that she and Timo spent a couple of days at Happy Shops trying to sort out the delivery before shipping began. First, there’s some good news to emerge from this – it seems there were a few bits and bobs with our name on at the warehouse that Happy Shops weren’t sure of. The Multamäkis were able to piece these together into a (very) few sets of the now much sought-after Witch’s Grotto expansion. We’ve added this to our EU store and haven’t announced it anywhere as we wanted you to be the first to know. If you want one though, you’ll have to be quick.

Less happy news was also discovered at our warehouse, though. First, it seems that we have not received the spare parts we ordered. Hopefully, this shouldn’t affect you but you should be aware that if there are any problems with your game then it may take us longer than we’d like to be able to help. Second, it seems that there are multiple packing errors. In particular, it seems that something like 13-14% of English Hideout and Scenario expansions have a scenario sheet transposed. If we’re lucky, many of these sets will end up in the hands of people that ordered both and can ‘solve’ the problem themselves but some won’t and, either way, we’re not happy about it. We’re working with our manufacturers to try and find a resolution that’s acceptable to us – and you – and will let you know this in due course.

We also seem to be missing almost all of the Italian upgrade packs and many of the victim #3 miniatures. We’re hoping we find them, soon.

Finally, getting all the bad news over in one go. Two of our team picked up their wooden inserts directly and have assembled them. In doing this, they’ve discovered a couple of flaws that we’re working with Basically Wooden to resolve. Order including wooden inserts will not ship until we’ve resolved these issues – we know this is a premium product and we feel sure you’d rather it was right than rushed. We are also still waiting for Ukko to finish painting the miniatures, so orders containing painted miniatures will also not ship yet. These will all be delivered to our German warehouse, probably next week and EU orders containing painted miniatures will follow shortly after. Painted miniatures going to the US will be sent from our German warehouse to our US one and US shipments will begin after that transfer.

Actually Playing Games!

Leaving kickstarter stuff and the vulgar side of the hobby, just for a moment. It’s nice to be reminded of why we do this and Hit Points Gaming have uploaded the third video in their Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift campaign. Spoiler – they don’t do well. You can watch the video here and tell them where they went wrong in the YouTube comments.

Cannibal’s Howl

Finally, trying to end on a happy note – if you’ve already joined us over on the Perdition’s Mouth: Cannibal’s Howl campaign, then thankyou. We’ve got off to a brilliant start, sailing past funding in 74 minutes and knocking out five stretch goals in the first 48 hours. We’ve now added a new map to the pack, as well, and it’s shaping up to be a really exciting addition to the game.

As you may know, this expansion includes Mogba’gh, a hero some of you already have. It’s much more than that though, as the mention of a new map should demonstrate. In fact, even the Mogba’gh miniature is new – oh, and, speaking of new miniatures, we’ve also made chest and door miniatures available in the campaign and these, too, are a new design, different from the ones we produced in the past.

If you’re worried about having two different Mogba’gh minis, or you don’t want two sets of hero cards, and you don’t want to back for that reason, we’re going to make any scenarios which use the base game maps available as pdf downloads to all backers – even at the minimum pledge level. Hopefully, though, you’ll be as excited as we are by the new content we’re producing and join us for the full Perdition’s Mouth: Cannibal’s Howl experience.

Lee and the DDP team.