385%! That’s how much we’ve funded in the first 48 hours. That’s amazing and it’s all thanks to you. We sailed past our funding goal in just over an hour and, since then, we’ve unlocked five different stretch goals. So, let’s talk about them for a bit, shall we?

You started off by adding two more scenarios to the expansion, doubling the number of adventures this adds to your game. Most recently, you’ve added another scenario, taking the total number up to five.

In between, you unlocked a thematic audio track. We created one of these before, for Perdition’s Mouth: Traitor Guard, and it was very popular. We’re really pleased to be able to produce a new one, to soundtrack Mogba’gh’s adventures. This will be included for every pledge of US$10 and over.

You also unlocked door and chest miniatures. These were something we made during the very first Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift campaign that proved very popular, with a lot of people buying extra sets to use in other games. Which is probably why we eventually sold out. A set gives you three doors and three treasure chests, to replace the tokens that ship in the normal game box. Since we first produced them, though, miniature production technology has improved. So we’ve taken the opportunity to redesign them. If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll already have seen this image, earlier today. If not this will be your first peek.

The door and chest minis are an add-on and will cost US$19. You can add them to your pledge in backerkit or you can top up your pledge by that amount now to help us unlock more stretch goals.

Speaking of the pledge levels, we made a minor error in the pledge descriptions – not one that materially affects you, but one we need to clarify. Perdition’s Mouth: Cannibal’s Howl includes a previous product – Mogba’gh. If you’re a returning backer then you’ll know that Mogba’gh was a hero that could be bought as a standalone expansion, with no content beyond the miniature, hero sheet and hero deck, that went out of print. When deciding to bring him back and make him available again we knew we wanted to show more of his world. Eventually, we decided on the name ‘Cannibal’s Howl’ for the expansion but the initial draft of the pledge levels remained. We never noticed that they still say ‘Mogba’gh kit’ instead of ‘Perdition’s Mouth: Cannibal’s Howl’ until it was too late too change. As you’re beginning to see, there’s a lot of new content in this expansion – like the door and chest set, even the miniature has been redesigned, to take advantage of manufacturing technology and provide more detail.

We’ve updated the campaign page with a more detailed list of what’s included with each pledge level and when things ship – note that all products we have in stock now (i.e. that are not being produced as part of this campaign) will ship as soon as the pledge manager closes. So you don’t have to wait for Cannibal’s Howl to be ready.

Oh, I mentioned Mogba’gh’s world, didn’t I? The eagle eyed among you will already have noticed that our next stretch goal is for a new map. This is something new for our expansions and will not be produced on thick board like the maps in the base game and big expansions. It’s pretty exciting, though, and takes us into Mogba’ghs lands. We’ll talk more about it when you unlock it.

In the meantime, do mention the campaign to your friends and talk about us on social media – the more people that know and that pledge the better for all of us. Speaking of which, if you have any German friends, we can now confirm that the Spieleschmiede campaign will launch next week.

Lee and the DDP team.