Wow, We’re truly awed. Funding in 74 minutes, 3 first SGs in less than four hours. A great start for this journey.

What has been gained then?

  • Two new scenarios. David, Timo and Nikolas have been working hard to consider what devious plots we could think of next. We have been asked to approach this from the perspective of 1-2 player games, as that is where we have least existing content. We will also make some scenarios available with larger amount of players/heroes.
  • Doors & chest miniature kit. This 19$ add-on can (and should) be pledged for through this Kickstarter campaign. simply add 19$ to your pledge amount and we will sort out what the funds are for after the campaign. There will be no extra shipping charged for this add-on. We have remade the minis slightly, in similar fashion to the Mogba’gh miniature, to increase the level of detail to the maximum level that modern production techniques allow. The kit contains 3 pcs of chests and 3 pcs of doors, replacing the standard cardboard components.

Thank you! I hope you’ve noticed that a new map has also been revealed. It would be bringing you to the home of Mogba’gh – in warm desolate coastal area where cannibalism isn’t just a myth. And where magic runs strong. This new map would be printed on thinner cardboard so that it can be folded into A5 size to fit into the Mogba’gh box. Using the “traditional” PMRE/PMAR cardboard maps would have made the package so heavy that shipping costs would have been at least doubled.

P.S. We WILL update the “What’s included” tomorrow when our graphics guy is available.


Perdition’s Mouth: Cannibal’s Howl mini-expansion on Kickstarter