Friends and backers,

This message is not about your game, we have no further news on that front.

While I was drafting yesterday’s update, over the weekend, the Multamäki family were sat on the side of the road in Germany. I’ve mentioned their European tour several times in these updates and many of you have met them at the various conventions and boardgame club nights they’ve attended in 2018.

During that time they’ve suffered many setbacks, from broken car parts to the issues of handling production (and production errors) whilst on the road. All while living together, working together, and home-schooling in a caravan. It must have been very tough at times but now, with just two conventions left and little more than a month to go before they’re to turn the key in their front door and sleep in a proper bed again, the worst has happened.

Their car has broken and they’re stuck. Having already exhausted all their savings due to all the other issues in the last 10 months, they’re in need of every bit of help they can get and, this morning, they’ve launched a Quickstarter campaign to try and get some of the money they need to replace their car. With that, they’ll meet their final commitments – attending Spielwiesn and DAU – and be able to get home.

This isn’t a campaign we or they ever anticipated running and we’d hope we never have to again. If you can donate anything to their campaign, or even just share it with your friends, they’d really appreciate it.