After assembling from every corner of Europe, for Essen, the DDP team has dispersed back across the continent. If you stopped by to talk to us during the convention – thankyou. We really love meeting all of you. Perspectives on Essen vary from year to year and between different demographics. This year, for the most part, publishers and consumers alike seem to be agreed that it wasn’t as good as some other recent years. That wasn’t the case for us though.

We arrived with stock of our newest game, Darwinning!, as well as early copies of the revised edition of Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift and the new, boxed, Perdition’s Mouth: The Hideout expansion and set up six tables for running demo’s. Those tables were busy throughout the conventions – at times we were forced to show off future products, like Dwarf and the miniatures for Perdition’s Mouth: Cannibal’s Howl, on our sales counter, as the only available level surface. More than that, though, everyone really enjoyed their games and we were happy with the level of sales.

Shipping Update

What about your game though? We’re happy to report good progress on that front. The ship carrying the copies of the revised edition of Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift and the other new content, to the EU, docked in Germany last week. Happy Shops, our EU distribution partner is very busy right now, dealing with all of the other post-Essen releases but we’re hopeful that they’ll begin to dispatch your games as soon as the German customs authority release them.

The ships carrying your games to our US and Australian distribution partners are both due to dock within the next fortnight and both companies know that you expect to receive your games before the holiday season.

We’re frustrated, as you must be, that we missed our October shipping target and hope you can forgive us now that it’s nearly out of our hands and into yours.

DDP on Tour

On 15th December, Timo, Tiinaliisa and Väinö Multamäki will open the door to their home, and sleep in a proper bed, for the first time since 20th January. You can read about their latest exploits, in Spain, in Tinsku’s ‘blog. In the meantime, there are two conventions left this year that we’re booked into and you can meet us at SpielWiesn, in Munich, and at DAU, in Barcelona.

Cannibal’s Howl

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve been encouraged to revisit Mogba’gh and we’ll be launching the Kickstarter this Saturday. We really do try to listen to you though, so this will be more than simply a reprint.

Perdition’s Mouth: Cannibal’s Howl will include a new Mogba’gh miniature, more detailed and more robust than the old one. It will also include new scenarios, new mechanisms, unique enemy markers and, if we hit our stretch goals, new maps. This is an adventure that will take place in Mogba’gh’s homeland and, therefore, will have some outdoor maps, paving the way for Perdition’s Mouth: Soul Spire, which will largely be overland adventures. The scenarios themselves will be primarily aimed at playing with one or two heroes. This is a design space we’ve only explored in a limited fashion so far (there are a few one and two character scenarios spread across the revised edition and the new version of The Hideout) and should appeal to solo players and people who prefer to play two-player games.

Given all of this new content, we’re not going to be able to provide upgrade kits for owners of Mogba’gh. Thanks to the new miniature mould, the only ‘old’ content is Mogba’gh’s hero cards. If, however, you’re happy with your existing miniature and you’re not interested in any of the new content we hope to unlock through stretch goals, we will provide copies of the new scenarios that use maps from the basegame as pdf downloads, free, to all backers who ask for them.

We hope to see you over on the Perdition’s Mouth: Cannibal’s Howl Kickstarter page on 11/11/18 at 11:11am PST (5.11pm UTC).

Lee and the DDP team.

Link to the kickstarter: