We left you hanging after the last update. We said there was something we were unhappy about and we’d let you know more about it once we’d found a solution. Well, we have now found a solution. Before we get to that, though, we have more bad news to share.

We have shipping issues for North America, as the burgeoning trade war between the USA and China heats up. Freight charges for ships from China to USA ports have tripled from last year (Kickstarter time). After much hunting around, we’ve managed to find a ship leaving for Jacksonville, FL, for which the fees have merely doubled. We think we’ve got this covered but we wanted to talk about this now because there’s a risk of more to come, as talk of a tax on toys from China comes to reality. As yet, we still don’t know if this will apply to boardgames. If it does, we may have to hold out our begging caps again.

Chi'leen painted by Leigh McGavin, image via BGG.
Chi’leen painted by Leigh McGavin, image via BGG.

So, finally, on to some better news – the games for the EU and Australia are on the boat. Those for the US are packed in a container (a whole container!) and are at the port, due to leave this week. Barring pirates and natural disasters (and the sort of thing discussed above) we’re in to the stage where nothing else should get in the way of your game reaching you as promised. We even managed to get some games onto a train from China to Germany – so we will have copies in Essen (booth 2C103, if you’d like to come and say hello)! There’s more detail about this in Tiinaliisa’s latest ‘blog post.

As for resolving the issue alluded to in the last update, I’m pleased that we can now reveal both the problem and the solution we’ve agreed with our manufacturing partner. Basically, we weren’t happy with an aspect of the final production miniature quality. For most people, this probably won’t even be something you notice – it’s just not what we were expecting and, coming on top of everything else, we felt let down.

The miniatures in the revised edition of Perdition’s Mouth are made out of a slightly softer plastic than in the original edition. We’ve checked with Ukko Kaarto, who some of you may recognise as the professional miniature painter that painted our miniatures for the Traitor Guard expansion and who is painting the victim minis for this campaign (for those that requested it), and he’s assured us that this won’t affect painting the miniatures in any way. So the only issue is that some of the miniatures may arrive in a slightly bent condition – on balance, perhaps better than arriving broken! These can easily be ‘de-bent’ in hot water and we’ve written instructions for how to do this which will be included in every copy of the game. We’re also going to film a video and post it on our YouTube channel for those of you who haven’t done this before and aren’t confident about doing it.

The final part of the solution we agreed with the manufacturer is that, in addition to the ‘de-bending instructions’, each copy of the revised edition will ship with an extra Tharnix and an extra Chi’leen miniature. We hope that goes some way to making up for everything.

Tharnix painted by Paul Rose of Wendigo Studio.
Tharnix painted by Paul Rose of Wendigo Studio.

Finally – thanks to those of you who took the time to vote in the polls on BGG that we linked to in the last update. Your responses have been really helpful and have helped give us the confidence to plan a small Kickstarter campaign for Mogba’gh which we’re pencilling in for 11th November and calling ‘Perdition’s Mouth: Cannibal’s Howl’. Should you wish to help us realise that project, we’ll gladly accept any help and advice. You can contact us via email: info@ddpgames.com.

If you’re looking for some way to pass the time while you wait for that, you may be interested to know that Hit Points Gaming have started a playthrough of an entire Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift campaign on their YouTube channel.

Lee and the DDP team.