This update is not about Perdition’s Mouth, per se, but about specific needs for our team right now – if we were a traditional company then you might think of them as vacancies but, of course, we’re unpaid. If you’re not interested in joining our team, you might still want to consider subscribing to one or more of our mailing lists. We use these project-specific mailing lists to keep you up to date you on our progress, upcoming Kickstarters, etc. By keeping our mailing lists specific to different projects, rather than having them company wide, you can be sure that the information you receive is relevant to your interests.

We currently have the following lists:

As per EU regulations, you’ll need to add yourself to every list separately, so your consent is clear.

If you think you might be interested in helping us out, then read on. Otherwise, you can stop here and know that we’ll have another Perdition’s Mouth ready update very soon.

Dragon Dawn Productions (DDP) aims to be a recognized international team of passionate board game creators producing thematic gaming experiences. Our main task is to create satisfaction and happiness for our fans in an economically viable way.

In order to continue on our path, the DDP team needs to find a few new additions to fill knowledge and skills gaps. Maybe you have some of these skills? If so, please consider joining our merry band.

As part of the DDP team you’ll get to influence all decisions on game design and be involved in as many areas as you desire. And, yes, there will be free products and other small perks available – and the team will cover agreed expenses.

We’re actively looking for people with the following skill sets:

  • Video editing/animation. Kickstarter videos require more and more effort and occasionally we also need to edit some interviews and other demo materials. We are not tied to any editing infrastructure solutions, so you’d be free to choose what to use.
  • US marketing/social media expert. We would like to increase our presence in the USA, which is too thin as our current team is mostly European. This could include some convention participation, running demoes of our games.
  • Mechanical engineer. Our company is spinning-off a non-game related mechanical gadget to a start-up. We need a little bit of mechanical engineering, welding and possibly CNC skills for this project. If making a few relatively simple items from steel is something you can do, you could become a key person in this start-up. If the idea is a success, every person involved has an equal share of the profit.
  • Web designer. We need to redesign our website visuals and make new content. Currently we have several websites which makes information hard to find and fragmented. We would appreciate help both in visuals and editing the text content.

If you think you can help fill any of these roles then contact us by email… or, if you know someone else who could, please let them know.