Cultists Were Defeated, What Next?

Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift is being played for some time already, and more and more playing groups are reaching the final level. On Dragon Dawn Production side the production of the Revised Edition of the game is successfully moving forward towards its release so even more people will be able to mop-up pure evil from the world of Zanziar.

This means, that both we in DDP and the victorious demon beating parties have the same question: what next? As for us, there are many of the “next”. We are working on Singularity Sky – the evolution of our past game Phantom league transformed into a universe of a book of the same name (written by Charles Stross), card game Dwarf and Soul Spire – significant expansion of Perdition’s Mouth. And the last title is something, that might be really interesting for you if you finished or nearly finished the campaign.

Sad moment for cultists. Their god is dead.
Sad moment for cultists. Their god is dead.

Let me disclose a piece of internal communication about Soul Spire, that led me to write this update:

Timo: main Soul Spire document:
“…the assumption is that in the beginning you must have Simma+Guide+4 other Heroes to choose from. If those are not alive, you’ll need to resurrect the ones you like. But I think that in that case you should lose the “level up” cards that I did for those Heroes. Thi….”

Me in the comments:
“This requires heroes to be in the “big campaign” mode of PM:AR.

We should expect many groups starting with PM:SS. Even people, that finish AR will probably have their decks disbanded by the time SS is released. And those will definitely regret they have some interesting cards they can not use.

Our internal discussion continues as we turn every idea upside down before we use it, but this is not that important. What I would like to say to you: after you finish the last scenario in your campaign, do save your game the same way how you did that between the missions and in addition to that, record your decks and items of both fallen and living heroes, so you can decommission your deck for another run through or single scenarios, but are still ready for the next installment!

The way how the transition to the new installment will be done is not clear at the moment (I most like the one, where in an additional prequel scenario surviving heroes return to AR with a rod of resurrection to collect remains of their fallen comrades and bring them to life). There is a long way from good ideas to a good game. But if you win (or won) the campaign, be advised, that there will be a way how to resurrect and heal your heroes. As always in PM, not for free, but even if you lose most of your party while killing the demon, it will be better for you to “continue” the campaign in Soul Spire than just start a new one.

Released New Content – Check Your Mail!

Yesterday night Timo published the PM thematic audio track. All eligible backers should have received an e-mail with a link to it by now. Please, check your e-mail. If you do not find it check your junk folder.