Dear backers,

In out last update we said there’d be one more, due to the problems that some of you experienced with your Brother Örn miniature. It’s taken longer than we’d have liked to get everything sorted for this but, finally, we have good news to share with you – we have received the replacement miniatures from our manufacturer!

We also have more good news to share. Firstly, the news you expect – we’re pretty certain that all of you have now received Perdition’s Mouth: Traitor Guard. This means that fulfilment is complete, except for the issue of replacements for broken miniatures (see below). Secondly, we’d like to let you know that there will be Perdition’s Mouth: Traitor Guard overview and playthrough videos coming soon from Catweazle and Slickerdrips. There are a lot of very good videos for Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift and these two creators have produced some of our favourites. Judging from the feedback we’ve heard, they’re both among our backers’ favourite videos, too, so we’re sure you’ll be as excited as us to see what they make of the expansion.

How to replace a broken Örn?

We’ve put a lot of thought into how best to resolve the broken Brother Örn miniatures in a way that is both satisfactory to you and that doesn’t risk our future. It seems important to mention at this point that we’ve learned some important lessons from this shipment – we need more packing material to protect our miniatures, whatever the manufacturer tells us, and we need to listen to our sculptors when they tell us of weak points, instead of emphasising aesthetics. That last point, of course, doesn’t mean that we’ll sacrifice the quality of our miniatures in future, quite the reverse, just that we need to listen harder to our skilled and experienced artists.

So, what are the solutions we’ve come up with? We’d like to offer you a choice, in the hope that one of them will be acceptable to you:

  • A) If you think you can repair your miniature (with superglue) to a level that you feel OK about, then please let us know by email. We’ll provide you with a US$3 voucher to use in our webstore as a small token of our thanks and an apology.
  • B) If you feel that your miniature cannot be repaired to a level that you’re happy with then please let us know by email. We will send you a replacement.

If you’re going for option b) then please note that you have a further decision to make – when do you want to receive it? We can dispatch your replacement figure now at a cost of US$4.50. Please note that this money goes straight to the couriers and fulfilment companies, this is not us trying to squeeze extra money out of you! If you can live without your replacement until October and have ordered any part of the revised edition of Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift then we can add your replacement Brother Örn to your order at no cost.

C) If you’ve chosen the replacement miniature, you’ll notice a significant change from what you received before (yes, this is us learning our lessons). The replacement Brother Örn miniatures come in three parts, which you will need to assemble using superglue. This is how it was originally intended to be produced.

Finally, we’ve gotten a stock of replacement miniatures based on the feedback you gave us and we’re confident that we have enough. Once they’re gone, however, they’re gone. This means that if you ask for a replacement and it also arrives broken we won’t be able to offer you a second replacement. It’s unlikely and hopefully this won’t happen but we want to be clear about this now rather than risk disappointing people further down the line.

Please let us know your choice (VOUCHER, REPLACEMENT NOW or REPLACEMENT PMRE) AND your full shipping address by email to:

Last chances of getting your PM:RE upgrade pack

Now, onto some more positive news. The upgrade packs for existing Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift owners, especially in German and English, are getting really scarce. We ordered some extra copies from our manufacturer after the kickstarter campaign ended, in case any existing owners missed the campaign for any reason. There are not many though. If you want one you should reserve it now. There are less than twenty upgrade packs left and we will not make any more. These upgrade packs have been made as a service to you – our loyal backers – and we make a loss on everyone. You can order it from here.

Another interesting kickstarter

Lastly, you’ll know that we try not to spam you with other Kickstarter projects but we want to end on a positive note – and for us that means sharing some of the things we love in our hobby. We really appreciate good game overviews and rules videos and we expect you might as well. Greg Cornell makes some of our favourites, having chosen a very time-consuming but entertaining method of making animated game tutorials. He has a Kickstarter campaign running now – not to pay his wages or anything like that, he’s just hoping for a modest amount to upgrade some of his equipment..

We sincerely hope you’ll consider backing him. We did.

Lee, Timo and the DDP team.