It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update and things have continued on schedule here. The new scenarios have now all been translated and are currently being laid out in the new templates. Meanwhile, the text for the new English language rulebook has been produced and is now being proofread. Important but undramatic news.

We do have some surprise announcements though.

First, during the campaign we were asked several times about making the expansions available in different languages, like we are doing for the base game of Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift. We responded then that we didn’t have the resources to do it but that we’d continue to monitor the situation and look into ways of doing it. Well, a way has come about for the German edition.

Happyshops, who many of you may know as a major European boardgame distributor and retailer, have approached us about running a crowdfunding campaign for the revised edition of Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift on the Spieleschmiede platform. They’ll be accepting pledges for copies of the base game that we’ve been working on, including all of our translations, but will also be running a campaign for the Hideout expansion and the scenario pack. These will be localised by Happyshops rather than ourselves, with them handling all translation work.

What does this mean for German backers?

We’re very aware of your support and how far you’ve helped us get. We’d feel terrible if that support meant you missed out in any way. So, we’ve agreed with Happyshops that we’ll be able to supply some of their translated expansions through our Backerkit. Obviously we’ve already locked this down now but we’re going to lift the lock for two and a half weeks for you to change your order to a German language edition if you want to. Backerkit will open again shortly after this update is posted and will remain open until Saturday 18th May.

We know this is an unprecedented step and we haven’t taken it lightly but we think you’ll agree it’s for the best of reasons.

Due to smaller print runs, the translated versions of both expansions will cost a little more than the English versions. The German scenario pack will cost US$25 and The Hideout will cost US$50. This compares to €19 and €47 that Happyshops will charge during their Spieleschmiede campaign (which begins tomorrow), so you’re getting a slightly better deal. Please note though that the possibility of changing your order in Backerkit to take advantage of this really is short-lived. There was a reason that it closed last month.

What does this mean for our other backers?

Having more copies of Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift out in the wild benefits us us all. The more people hear about the game the more likely they are to buy their own copy. The more copies that are bought the closer we are to a base which can support the massive Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift – Soul Spire expansion, in the future. Spread the word about this campaign (and the game in general) and help make that expansion more feasible.

You said ‘some’. What’s the other surprise announcement?

If you follow Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift on BoardGameGeek, or us on Twitter, then you’ll know about this already but it probably is news for most of you. As you know, we had a few stretch goals we didn’t achieve during the campaign. These included some scenarios which are fully playtested and developed and we’ve been wondering what to do with them.

Last year, Gamechangers had a successful funding drive on the platform. Several of us backed it because we think it’s a great project. To be clear, this isn’t a game or even a commercial venture, this is a charity that uses modern boardgames to teach social skills in rural Uganda and identify potential future entrepreneurs. Those individuals are introduced to the Butterfly Project, which helps foster entrepreneurship in rural communities as a way of lifting the entire community.

Gamechangers are having a second funding drive now and we wanted to do a little more to help, so we’ve decided to make one of those developed scenarios available as a pdf (formatted to match the printed scenarios). We’ll send a download link for Sabotage to anyone who sends confirmation of having donated to Gamechangers during this campaign drive (their minimum pledge is £10) to Their campaign runs until 2nd May 2018. Since this is for charity we would like to ask anyone that receives the file not to share it publicly. We might make it available again at some point in the future but that isn’t decided yet.

So, that’s our news. We’ll be back again soon with more updates and some more words from our guest designers for you.

Lee and the DDP team.