Dear backers,

Thank you for helping us bring Darwinning! to production. We had a very good final few days that meant we hit a few stretch goals.

We’re now already deep in production mode and should have all our production work done within the next three weeks. We will keep you posted.

This also means that we’ll contact those brave, generous and creative backers who pledged the “design” pledges within the next three days to get the designs progressing quickly.

Thank you to each of you, you’ve brought more diversity to every Darwinning! box!

We will add a Darwinning! pre-order to our EU and US webstores within the next few days, for those who missed the initial campaign.

Please continue to spread the word to your gaming friends and online followers about the game and point them here when they ask where they can get it.

We will also send out surveys using Kickstarter’s inbuilt survey tools in the two weeks.

We will not use Backerkit or another external pledge manager for this project as they are quite expensive and the simplicity of this project means that we don’t need to use those tools.

Greetings from snowy Switzerland,

– Timo, Tiinaliisa, Väinö, Andrea & the rest of our team

P.S. Below you’ll find Akha’s new art that we saw in the final minutes of campaign.