Do you think evolution took a wrong turn and pink unicorns should have been the most advanced species on Earth, instead of some pesky humans? Or maybe you are sad, that evolution failed to evolve saber-toothed squirrels? Rejoice! Together we can fix this. In this update we will explain what you can expect from the design pledge levels.

There are two design pledge levels available. One offers you the chance to design a card, the other one allows you to add a new species based on your preferences. Of course you will get this game with all its KS content. In addition to that, however, you will also be rewarded with a unique experience:

You will be introduced to our team and we will show you how we work and we communicate. You will have a unique opportunity to see how our games are cooked. You will try it yourself and you will see that if one wants to make something memorable, the path between a good idea and its realization is not just throwing in everything good and sitting back. We will be with you though and together we will make it.

Backers of either pledge level will see their designed card or species credited with their name and included in every Kickstarter copy of the game.

Design a species – designing a species is a tricky process. You decide what species you would like to have in the game. It might be an existing or extinct species but you may suggest something completely new, what evolution failed to create. You will describe what defines it – is it carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous? Does it love hot lava or inhabit polar regions? What abilities does it have? Does it live in groups or does it a solitary creature like a polar bear…

This will all be reflected in the species picture and in its properties, such as the starting population, starting traits and its starting position on the food chain. In order to be a good addition it must be well playtested and we will do that – if it becomes too weak, no one will want to play it. If it’s too strong, no one will want to play against it and the species will probably be excluded from the game by the gaming groups.


Design a card – there are 15 cards in the main deck. They have values from 1-15 and each of them has a specific trait you can use to improve your species. They are: Pheromones, Symbiosis, Flock Animal, Hard Shell, Communication, Teeth, Camouflage, Parasite, Poison, Tools, Food Storage, Handy hands, Bigger Brains, Metamorphosis and Society. It depends on you how far with the card design you want to go. The easiest thing would be “just” to discuss with our artist what you would like to have on your card, that targets one specific trait.

We know there are very imaginative people in the gaming community, though, and we know that it might be you who comes up with an idea for a very interesting new trait. Adding stuff into a well balanced game is always tricky but we will definitely discuss your idea and try to think how to put it into the game without breaking its balance. Thanks to the delicacy of this process we can not guarantee that the card will work as you suggest but we will cooperate with you, trying to make your idea a reality. The worst case scenario is the card will have the same effect as an already existing trait but with your desired picture.

Design a Card Limitations

I already spoke about some of the limitations the designed cards will have. They must fit well into the game. This is the reason why we can not guarantee we will add everything exactly as you say. We will do our best to make you happy but the cards and the species must have the same look and feel as the rest of the game and we want to make sure they are well balanced as well.

Darwinning! is for both experienced players and families alike. So we will not put content into the game we think inappropriate for children.

The final but not the most insignificant limitation is the schedule: The game is supposed to be ready by Essen Spiel convention (end of October). So we need to finish the design and testing soon enough that it can be printed in time.