If you tuned in the other night then you’ll already know that, sadly, our last live stream disconnected midway. We did about 20 minutes and only found out afterwards that just the first 10 were actually seen. Weirdly the streaming interface gave no indications of any problems.

Anyhow, we’ve been very busy at LeiriaCon and many people – game players and designers – have played Darwinning!. Everyone has enjoyed their games and you can see one of those player’s thoughts in the videos below (in English and Portuguese).

Previews and reviews

We’ve also received a few good previews:


We’ve finished Czech translations and we’re also expecting to get Portuguese rules ready within the campaign time. All translations will, naturally, be submitted to Boardgamegeek for easy accessing. As you know, there’s a chance to add some of these rulebooks to the game box via stretch goals, if we hit them, but if not they’ll always be available on our website and on BGG. With fully language independent components this means the game will be learnable, teachable and playable in all the languages we produce digital rulebooks for.

Next stream

We’re going to record another live stream tonight, Monday the 5th, at 8 PM CET from Spain.

We’ll answer your questions during the stream, so please submit those ahead of time if you can. Join us later and wish us better luck than last time!