Update auf Deutsch

Dear backers,

We were lucky a few weeks ago, in Nürnberg toy fair, as we met the awesome folks of “I Play Red”. We got along well right from the start and now they’ve done a great “Learn to play” for Darwinning.

We have also been asked a few times about the art style. The feedback we got early on was that the majority of people assumed that Darwinning is a children’s game when seeing the graphics. We had to take decisive actions to correct that assumption – and the new art has gathered very positive remarks at Cannes Games Fair (French & German, English video is still being processed so you’ll see that next time).

P.S. Don’t forget to follow our European Tour at DDP Tour Blog. We’re now nearing Montpellier. We left Cannes this morning in a snow storm, not that we (as Finns) would be unfamiliar with that.

That was unexpected, to say the least. We were expecting palmtrees and sun, but got snow and hail.

– Timo & team