Scenario 6a

Simma, Aisha, Neshilim and Bastian.

Niffil was replaced by Aisha, because we hoped to decrease the Threat Meter with her Hero Card Pacify and the Wyrmandalus Shard.

We spent half of the game to come out from beside the cage.

My Bastian was the first in our line, supported by Simma.

A couple of steps behind my wife’s Neshilim and Aisha took care of the summoners.

Once defeated, Bastian bashed the guards and stood still with his Temple Guard’s Plate, allowing the heroes to pass through.

Then we ran for the exit and happily ignored the victims ^_^

Fortunately, the insectoids blocked the way and no acolyte could ring the bell.

Unfortunately, the only treasure we opened (the one near the exit) was a trap.