Dear backers,

The end is close, but it looks like we’ve averted the Cult – for now. We all know that PMTG is funded and during last day we’ve achieved the 5th Scenario via a social goal when the required BGG likes was achieved.

We’re also really close to reach the 600 backers. That would be really awesome to achieve the last of our prepared social goals. Our team is still optimistic that maybe we could reach the 42.5K financial goal to unlock more goodies. And even if not, PMTG has grown considerably in size. What started as a mini-expansion is actually now just as full as Hideout or Witch’s grotto used to be, or maybe even more so as it brings so many cards.

We’re very busy with finalizing all the new material and playtesting the 5th scenario. Here is one of the latest things I just finished. You might guess whose booster treasure this could be :)


Tomorrow cometh

Tomorrow at this time we’ll know if we reach the final social goal and the remaining financial goals. And soon after that we’ll send you the BackerKit query. It’s been a thrilling project, once again, we’ve learned a lot. And as before, we intend to take every bit of your feedback and lessons learned here to use in our next campaign. With that in mind, it would be an excellent time now to join our mailing list, to be informed about our exciting new projects.

Chinese translation!

And just when we thought that all surprises have been expended, we were given an opportunity we didn’t quite expect. There will be a Chinese version of PM:AR rulebook and scenarios. How cool is that? And PM:AR will also enter the Chinese markets.


Link to the KICKSTARTER Campaign: