Scenario: 3a

Tyra, Niffil, Neshilim and Bastian.

Our party is settling down.

We had the feeling that we didn’t understand Simma. My ever-changing friend picked up Tyra, attracted by her Berserk Rage.

We fought the Chi’leen throughout the portcullis. We killed the first, but the second one broke it. Another Chi’leen destroyed the other portcullis.

At that moment, Tyra went in Berserk Rage, but that was a failure – a summoner killed her.

Fortunately she wasn’t in the way (so no figure moved into its square).

Niffil started a merry-go-round across the three portcullises, dragging the remaining enemies, while Neshilim revived Tyra discarding the Resurrection Chrysalis and then we ran for the exit.