Question 1

These two rules together can create a weird situation

P16, paragraph 4

P16, paragraph 6


Simma – Planning for Attack – Currently on Special
Base attribute 7

To boost the Attack Simma only can use cards / play non-wound cards for +1 / Aid from Numeric / receive aid from non-wound cards for +1 / and use leftover base.

But what if he chooses to boost his base before starting to move his peg.
Simma can then use cards to improve base according to paragraph 4.
Then use 1 to move peg and use all leftover to boost attack at 2:1, then play cards to further boost.
So In this case Simma has used cards to spend on the attribute by first converting them to base.

This just doesn’t feel right !

Can it be played like this, or is there a rule I’m overlooking?

PS: the same case is applicable on the Defend action


If you want to spend cards at rate of 2:1 to boost your Attack (via transfer), I don’t see anything wrong with that.
It’s according to rules, but so expensive that typically not worth of it.
And the same applies to the Defend action.


Question 2:

P16, paragraph 4

P12, side note

On page 16 is mentioned that another hero can aid with numeric cards.
But the rule as specified on page 12 is not mentioned.
Although I would think this is also possible.

Can you confirm that another hero also can aid this action with any card for +1 ?


Absolutely. Any and all numeric actions can be aided, including movement.
Consider it as another hero cheering to support your sprint or something like that.


Question 3:

When does the ability ‘You draw 1 Hero card’ trigger ?

1. When you play the card: So I play Spit in Death’s Eye, immediately draw a card which happens to be Ambidextrous, then play Ambidextrous and immediately draw a card
2. At the end of the action: Can be an important detail on the Charge spoke for example
3. At end of turn


Correct answer is 1.


Question 4:


So if the cards below played on another heroes turn, the hero playing these cards does not draw a card.

Is this correct?




And does the same apply for Wounds?

I’m thinking in particular about Cracked Skull and Brain Injury?


You can not use wound cards to aid. All aiding rules refer to NON-WOUND cards.


Question 5:

Support can only be given by Numeric cards.
The rulebook is clear about the right handed card.
But is the left one also considered a Numeric card? Both Response cards generate a Number, right?


Yes. These are both numeric cards.


Question 6:

What is meant with ‘If played as a’? Is a referring to primary ability?


This has a few typos. Please check the latest FAQ.


Question 7:

Are there limitations on ‘Any direction’?


No. Any means Any.

Monster Mash allows to push in all directions (let’s ignore special tiles in this example).

Can the Guard be pushed to the left or to the right? Seems physically impossible.
Can he be pushed Diagonal? Like the green arrow to the right.
Can he be pushed Obliquely? Like the second red arrow to the right.


Yes to all.
Consider that this is not that much of an actual push, but guard staggering due to the force of the blow.