It’s about two weeks until the Kickstarter launch date (11/11/2015). We’re nicely progressing on schedule.


Within the next two weeks you can also expect:


But most interestingly: we do have one demo set available, so if you think that we’re not covering some aspect of the game or can recommend the perfect reviewer, let us know. We would like that set to be well used.

We also have a new video which you might be interested:

As you probably know, we’ll be manufacturing with the same company, PandaGM, that created the rather well doing “Scythe“, which should alleviate people’s worries about manufacturing flaws.

The upcoming week will mostly be used to polish our Kickstarter page and edit the video.

Now would be the ideal time to create avatars for Perdition’s Mouth. If you feel that you could help us, please contact kickstarter@perditionsmouth.com and we’ll let see where you could help the most. Do tweet, share us at Facebook, post in Boardgamegeek.com or where ever else you could potentially reach others. We’d really appreciate your help here.

We’d appreciate any social media coverage you can leverage: hashtags



We will also be demoing Perdition’s Mouth at Vienna Spielfest. Be there and learn first hand why you really want to back Perdition’s Mouth!