Perdition's Mouth:Abyssal Rift Box Cover



Essen Spiel 2015 is now in the past and, man, that was quite a show. We had Perdition’s Mouth shown on two tables, which were so booked that we had to improvise a queue system so that the most eager could reserve their seats.

We also presented our amazing new cover art by Jamie Noble in the real, intended Kickstarter edition box size (48 x 36 cm). It remains to be seen what the retail edition’s size will be, but it’ll be smaller as we intend that Kickstarter version does have room for all components that could be unlocked and the custom made miniature trays take quite a lot of space.

During Essen Spiel we had a chat with Richard “Rahdo” Ham who was so amazing that he did an updated video DURING the Essen Spiel, in the middle of the night. How awesome is that, I ask you!

And just after Essen eminent Ricky Royal published part 1 of his preview, which was a spot-on explanation of the mechanics. We’d also like to remind you that Kickstarter campaign will be starting on 11.11.2015 and naturally we hope to have a stellar campaign. If there is anything that you’d like us to cover, please start a thread on and we’ll write up more on that topic.

As things are moving at a hectic pace now, I assume that the next update on this channel will arrive in approximately a week. Stay tuned, Perdition’s Mouth is close!



– Timo & team

P.S. For all dutch gamers, there are now two awesome previews (Ameritrash & Tafeltop) which google translate gave the general gist, both are naturally also in